Formed in 1980 as a rehearsal band, the original musicians soon found that if they wished to improve they would need expert guidance.

Enter Trevor Emeny, an established and highly experienced saxophonist with an enviable reputation and a following as a jazz soloist throughout the Midlands.

Under Trevorís direction the band soon reached the standard whereby they could consider some public performances and late in 1981 they gave their first concert at the old Hayden Court Hotel in Cheltenham. The band immediately attracted a big enough following to encourage Trevor to organise regular concerts at the Hayden Court on the last Sunday of every month. A great success!† The shows continued for four years until the Hayden Court Hotel was sold and re-vamped, forcing a move to a new venue at the Gupshill Manor Inn, Tewkesbury where they have remained ever since.

Trevor handed† over the leadership after 19 years to pianist/arranger Paul Buck, With Paul Buckís expert guidance the band continued to improve, reaching a standard far and away above that of the average rehearsal band,† consequently they are able to attract established guest artists and band members of a very high standard.

A skilled music composer and arranger, Paul has written unique music charts especially for the Crescendo Band to play. You wonít hear these wonderful arrangements anywhere else and they are a valuable and very important contribution to the variety of music Crescendo Band presents .

Paul handed on the leadership to Tony Sheppard in June 2008 but still continues his connection with the band by providing further exciting material for the band to play and occasionally performing with the band on Keyboards when he is available.

After 10years as Musical Director, in September 2018 Tony Sheppard stepped down and now plays Bass Trombone with the band. Future concerts will be directed by Vince Ford and other members of the band.

†Tony continues to maintain the bandís music library and plans the programmes with Bob Lee

From the very beginning, Bob Lee has been band manager and presenter. His depth of knowledge about jazz (big band music in particular), together with his expertise as a Radio presenter makes every Crescendo Band performance a great experience for the audience.


Come and hear for yourself, check the† date list for the next performance year at Gupshill Manor


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