Of course, no band would have a chance of lasting five minutes let alone 30 years if it were not attracting good, regular audiences. As our compŤre Bob Lee says at the end of each concert when thanking the audience -

"We need you because without you there wouldn't be us"† and how true that is.

Our audiences are our lifeblood and we are very grateful for their unwavering support. In turn we are determined to provide the best possible entertainment and variety in all of our concerts

If you have any suggestions for particular pieces you want to hear the band play ~ let us know by e-mailing us at:-††††† info@crescendoband.co.uk

We love to hear from our audience

Your comments are always appreciated.

Something to say about the last Concert you heard ?

Were there arrangements you liked ?†

Was there something you didnít like?

Any particular numbers you would like to hear. ?

†~ let us know by e-mailing us at:- ††info@crescendoband.co.uk

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Crescendo Big Band†



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