Guest Artists

featured soloists and vocalists

As well as featuring the many talented members of the band as soloists, guests musicians are often invited to perform with the Crescendo band at our concerts.


Crescendo Big Band 



Text Box: Sunday 
October 24th 
Gupshill Manor Tewkesbury
Admission £10

Past Guest Artists


2012  ~ 2019

Vocalists :

Ben Jenkins . Rod Welch  ,Jess Blatchley,  Katy Gaskin, Kas Levett .Nicole Warfield, John Holmes, Catherine Sykes, Emily Mew, Dave West, Simon Cromey , . Roberto Paolo


Patsy Gamble (sax) Paul Arthurs, Ian Evans (Drums) Joe Smith (Trombone)  John Ruddick (Trumpet) Bill Lynne (Bass) Patsy Gamble (sax) Lee Thornton (Kybds) Nick Jukes (bass)  Andy Brotherton (Drums) James Agg (Bass) Dutch Lewis (Tenor Sax) Mark Jackson (Trumpet) Saffron Young (Bass) Sam Gerrard (Drums) Matt Davis (Bass Trombone) Dominic Franks (Tenor Sax) ,  Dave Wilkes (Drums), Simon Day (Alto Sax) Alex Stewart (Bass Trombone), John Gibson (drums), Justin Pavey (Bass trombone),  Pete Beck (Trumpet),  Tom Hill (bass

Trevor Emeny  (Tenor Sax)  Phil Mercer (Tenor Sax)  Dave Todd (Bass Trombone)  ‘Caz’ Chandler (Trombone)



Vocalists :

Diane Atkinson, Jess Blatchley , Becky Carter , Dave West , Nicole Warfield. Catherine Sykes


Laura Morris  (French Horn),    Terry Kelly (Trombone),  Paul Buck (Keyboards), Tom Hill (Bass),

Dave Todd (Bass Trombone)  Matthew Hadden (Tpt),  Saffron Young (Bass), Phil Mercer (sax)  Elliot Roffe (Bass)

2008 /  2009 / 2010


Catherine Sykes ,Jane Christie, Dee Daly, Jeanne Marlow Dave West , Gary Lewis , Rob Cooke , Ricardo


Paul  Buck (Keys)   James Agg (Bass)  Ben Waghorn (Sax)  James Fry (Keys)  Mike Holcombe (Drums)  Richie Brookes (Keys)  Terry Kelly (Trombone)  Omar Kokher (trombone)  Ben Hands (bass)  Joe Starr (A/Sax) Keith Morgan (T/Sax)

Bill Castle (Drums)  Steven Harcourt (Tpt)  Lyndley Horton  (Tpt) John Ruddick (Trumpet),  Saffron Young (Bass)

Tom Hill (Bass)  Martin Yates (Trombone)  Dave Todd (Trombone)  Steve Legge (trombone)  Austin Rose (Drums)