Paul Buck has written and arranged many of the pieces played by Crescendo Band, Although he has now retired from the band we are delighted to say that he continues to write exciting material for us to perform.

Martin Emeny† (drums)

Martin arranged and transcribed several of the numbers played by the band. Sadly Martin passed away in August 2017 but we still have his arrangements to remind us of his great contribution to the band over many years.

Tony Sheppard.† Arranges for the band.

Matthew Morris†† (lead Alto Sax with the band and occasionally Drummer)

Also arranges and composes music for big band.



Music arrangements.

We are still adding to our extensive library of arrangements built up over 30years (but we donít have everything. There are some arrangements we are unable to obtain for copyright reasons. )

Some of our best loved arrangements are those written by the Crescendo band musicians themselves. specifically for the Crescendo Band to play




Crescendo Big Band†



Live music at its best !